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Incarnating our Soul's Purpose through Somatic Process and Holistic Therapy
Homeopathy, Focusing, Naturopathy, Holistic Health, Trauma Healing
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Maya Dion

Hello! My name is Maya and I offer Healing Journeys through Holistic Therapy and Homeopathy.

In actual fact, I am a gardener of sorts, but at the human soul level. A midwife to helping people realize their potential. Mostly I help people who are feeling called to contribute in some important way yet confused and feeling stuck in patterns of survival from their past get to know themselves and what matters to them. I want to guide them into that deep space of inner connectedness where they can feel like they matter, inside and out.

I can help you create profound healing for your life by developing emotional intelligence through inner relationship with yourself. I can teach you how to step back from the emotional battle within and bring attention to where it is needed, to hear and witness and be a companion to your own inner journey of self-discovery so you can stop feeling small and scared, release your nervous system from your past and step into the fullness of who you truly are.

If this resonates for you, I would be honoured to sit with you, in that subtle nuanced place where anything is possible and make space for all that is ready to emerge.


Inner Relationship Focusing

Homeopathy, DHom

Naturopathy, ND

Psychology BA

Diploma in Holistic Practice

Montreal, Canada


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