Coaching program Rising up: The Power of Embracing and Choosing You

Check this out: its possible to Choose you!

Are you feeling exhausted, like you are withering away in a job that does not empower you, bring you joy, nor meaning to your life? I hear and feel you! I was there too.

You will be surprised how many people stay in a job and/or career despite feeling unhappy, and end up experiencing burn out.

Why? What holds us back from leaving that job?

The “what if’s…” the “I cannot because…” and all the under the surface negative thoughts which emerge as our inner critic takes over.

I get it! After all we are not genetically wired to view our job as a source of happiness or fulfillment. Our parents and ancestors looked at their jobs as a source of income and means to provide for their families.

You can continue living with these perceptions too…or you can choose differently to shift your paradigms and give yourself permission to truly thrive and live your full potential.

Years ago, I was in that fork in my life. It wasn’t easy but with help:

I chose to anchor in trust and faith and move forward.
I chose happiness over coasting in life.
I chose meaning and fulfillment over self sacrifice.
I chose abundance over limitation.

The truth is that our self-worth does not depend on what our job is and how others see us. Cultivating self-worth is an inside job. We can step into the career we want with clarity, courage, and confidence and feel more alive than ever!

In this program we work on:

1.   Gaining clarity
2.   Acceptance
3.   Aligned Action

by Luisa Durante

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